Portable Sciatica And Back Pain Relief

Lifeform® Wedge Seat Cushion
Posture Support

Comfort On The Go, With Added Lift

Life is busy, and you can’t always take your ergonomic chair with you - even if it’s simply to move from your home office to your kitchen table “desk”. The Executive Wedge Seat Cushion made with temperature- and pressure-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam, allows you to sit in complete comfort wherever you are. The wedge design lifts the back of the seat, making it ideal if you have joint pressure or lower back soreness when you sit, the Executive Wedge Seat will reduce your discomfort. Available with a pre-cut removable coccyx (tailbone) insert, it can also relieve inflamed tailbone pain. Less stiffness and discomfort allows you to be more focused and productive.

Lightweight and portable, the Executive Wedge Seat Cushion is ideal for home, office, vehicle, wheelchairs, events, camping, or anywhere life takes you.

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Executive Wedge Seat Cushion

  • $185.00


Get Instant Comfort

The ergonomic wedge design corrects your pelvic angle and sitting posture while maintaining the natural curve of your spine. Temperature and pressure-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam conforms to your body’s unique contours to further reduce pressure on your bones and joints. So you can stay more comfortable, longer.

Removable Coccyx Cut Out

A pre-cut removable tailbone insert can be taken out to alleviate pressure from inflamed or sensitive tailbones and relieve sciatic nerve problems.

Contoured Seat

The Executive Wedge Seat Cushion with LIFE-Foam Memory Foam conforms to your body’s contours to reduce seated pressure on your bones and joints.

Molded into our unique waterfall contour shape, the portable cushion helps support and distributes your weight more evenly. With unrestricted blood circulation behind the knees, you have more energy and focus.

If you are suffering, get instant relief today.


Width 20″
Depth 18.5″
Height 4.75″


Upgrade to Brisa Ultrafabric®

The aesthetics and durability of Brisa Ultrafaric® makes it a brilliant leather alternative with incredible quality. Using efficient manufacturing processes, these fabrics are based on the conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions and minimal dependency on natural resources.

The high-performance 4-way stretch knit fabric

The Dream Weave patterns is a high-performance 4-way stretch knit fabric that allows extra comfort and movement to enhance the performance of our LIFE-Foam Memory Foam.

Temperature-Regulating Technology

Stay cool and focused throughout the day with our ThermaGuard temperature-regulating technology that delivers immediate, measurable, and noticeable cooling results. The ThermaGuard material absorbs your body heat and then releases it, giving you a lasting cooling effect. Sitting for long periods just got more comfortable.

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