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A chair like no other

The misery from constant pain can overwhelm your day and your life. You’ve found the relief you’ve been searching for! A LIFEFORM chair can be meticulously configured to alleviate and even prevent further injury from such ailments as:

  • Sciatica
  • Thoracic (upper) back pain
  • Lumbar (Lower) back pain
  • Coccyx (Tailbone) discomfort

  1. NECK & HEADREST OPTIONS Providing support for your head can reduce the weight your neck must support. If you have neck issues you should strongly consider adding this option.

  2. LATERAL AND ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT Full back support combined with internal adjustable lumbar support will optimize the backrest to fit the curvature of your spine, encouraging a healthy ‘S’ shape which reduces the pressure on disks and vertebrae.

  3. CONTOURED SEAT PAN The Contour Seat drives your comfort level all day, providing constant seated pressure relief.
    Our unique dual foam layer system utilizes a high density foam core with Memory Foam layered over top. Memory Foam conforms to your body’s contours to further reduce seated pressure on your bones and joints, providing optimum comfort.


  3. MEMORY FOAM FILLED ARM PADS Memory foam relieves pressure and in the the arm pads provides a soft comfortable surface preventing and relieving ailments like elbow tendonitis.

    Adjustment for every aspect of the chair, dialling in the comfort specific to your body. Encouraging constant blood flow, preventing cramping, numbness, pain and discomfort.
    Separate Adjustments for:
    • Backrest height
    • Seat depth
    • Armrest height, width and swivel
    • Independent back angle adjustment
    • Infinite tilt lock & tilt tension adjustments and more


Eliminating contact pressure on the tail bone as well as vertical pressure up the spine. This seat has the rear section of foam on the seat permanently removed.


Encourage natural movement with technology that allows your body to move. Core-flex stops unnecessary load from being placed on one side of body versus the other by activating the leg muscles and core. Sitting in motion helps promote healthy circulation.  


A wider and deeper seat option. Pronounced contouring (24”W x 20”D). Available only with Memory Foam.


Put your body in a neutral position and alleviate pressure on your spine. Upholstered with memory foam to reduce stress on tired feet. The non-slip, “bean bag” underside moves with you to improve your circulation by comfortably adjusting your legs and feet to every angle. 

Temperature Regulating Technology

 Therma-Guard PCM’s (Phase Change Materials) will actually absorb body heat and trap it away while you sit - keeping your body temperature constant and comfortable. This continuous cycle manages temperature over extended periods to increase comfort for the life of the product.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Jon S. 

Los Angeles, CA

“13 hours. That’s how long I spend, each day, sitting in a chair. Whether it’s my desk job at work, or at home, it’s important that my chair is supportive, comfortable and ready for my long hours. As someone that’s suffered from lower back pain most of my life, finding LIFEFORM chairs was a blessing; the 13th hour is just as great as the first!”

Holly, C

Hood River, OR

“I love my LIFEFORM adjustable office chair even though it is now 20 years old. As a writer and editor, I spend all day in this chair and it’s every bit as comfortable and supportive for my back as the day I bought it. And it still looks great!”

10 year Warranty / Free Shipping / Fully Customizable