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Custom design your office chair to fit your style and help relieve your body pain too

Our Ultimate 2392 or 2490 Executive Chair in Brisa Ultrafabric is engineered to provide you with a lifetime of comfort and pain relief.

When designing chairs, we focus on ergonomic functionality and comfort as much as we do on style. It needs to adjust so it supports you and improves your feeling of complete well-being. That is what makes the difference between a good office chair and an unbeatable one.

Design your dream chair for esthetics and pain relief

Style is just as important as comfort and ergonomics. And it’s as unique as you are.
Begin creating your chair from the ground up. Choose between a base of silver, wood, or black. Then, personalize your chair with your monogram or logo.

Looking for pain relief? Choose a seat that gives you comfort.

  • A Coccyx (rear seat) cut out eliminates contact pressure on the tailbone as well as vertical pressure up the spine. This can help relieve Sciatic nerve pain.
  • Our Core-flex™ split seat design offers a unique ‘sitting in motion’ option, which helps promote healthy circulation.
Need more help in choosing the right options?

The beauty of Brisa Ultrafabric

Brisa is a beautiful covering choice for your office chair. Not only is it stylish but it is easy to clean to CDC standards with no adverse effects on the fabric. A vegan alternative to leather, Brisa features the first premium polycarbonate resin surface with a unique ventilation system that actually breathes. The result of this technological breakthrough is exceptional comfort that becomes a most welcome part of your life. All Ultrafabrics are odorless, skin-friendly and allergen-free. These materials assure a sustainable presence, are PVC-free and do not contain POPs, formaldehyde, heavy metals or phthalates. GreenGard Certified.

Temperature regulating

Beat the heat associated with sitting for long periods of time. Our ThermaGuard™ temperature regulating technology delivers immediate, measurable, and noticeable cooling results. The ThermaGuard™ material absorbs your body heat and then releases it, giving you an ongoing cooling effect. Create a more enjoyable and comfortable all day sitting experience, especially in the heat of summer.

Your chair, your way

We believe your chair should be exactly the way you want it – from style and finish: contrast piping and stitch, patterns, quilting, monogramming – right down to the full ergonomic functions and options that offer you pain relief.

Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help you build your chair, your way!