Ultimate Executive
Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair 2490

Your Chair. Your Way.

Our Executive Mid-Back office chair combines beautiful style and ergonomic function. The versatile design options allow you to choose from premium leather, traditional fabric, or one of our exclusive, innovative coverings.

Relieving back pain with outstanding comfort, our contoured seat is designed to redistribute weight over a larger area. Pressure points are reduced in troublesome places like the back of the thighs and tailbone. The LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam and Schukra® lumbar support adjust to any posture or position. By encouraging an “S” shaped spine, pressure on the discs between your vertebrae is reduced.

Sound technical? It really means you experience less back pain and discomfort and gain more productivity and focus.

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Ultimate Executive Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair 2490

  • $2,995.00


Recline In Comfort

It’s time to lean back. With our Ultimate Executive Mid-Back ergonomic office chair, we’re focused on functionality, luxury and comfort. How the chair adjusts to you, the ergonomic support it gives and how it promotes your well-being are all important. It’s not all about doing. Sometimes you just need to relax and do some deep thinking. So we made sure the recline is easily adjusted, so you can change - and lock - the angle of the chair incline in any position.

Ergonomic Back Support

Our fully upholstered backrest with our signature LIFE-Foam Memory Foam is combined with the Schukra® Lumbar support system, providing incredible ergonomic stability to reduce back pain. Adjust the ratchet back height specifically to you, so you get the lumbar support where you need it most.

Seat Adjusts For The Perfect Fit

Uncompromised comfort is an essential element for all-day concentration. The contoured seat is designed to redistribute the body’s weight over a large area. And our unique waterfall design reduces pressure points in trouble spots like the back of the thighs.

Made with High-Density foam and our signature LIFE-Foam Memory Foam, a temperature and pressure-sensitive material, the seat conforms to your unique body contours. These materials prevent the seat from collapsing and bottoming out, so you can stay more relaxed and focused, accomplishing more in less time.

Arm Adjustment

You don’t keep your arms in the same position all day. That’s why the Ultimate Executive Mid-Back office chair deluxe armrest is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the height, depth, width, and angle of our upholstered LIFE-Foam Memory Foam arm pads. Providing soft and comfortable support, they reduce pressure points on your elbows and enhance comfort.

It’s just what you’ve been waiting for.