Put Your Feet Up And Make Your Day More Comfortable

Executive Footrest
Posture Support

Take a load off your feet.

A beautiful, functional and comfortable addition to your office suite. Made with temperature-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam our memory foam footrest reduces stress on tired feet. LIFEFORM® footrest sits on a non-slip bean bag bottom, designed to move with you as you adjust your feet while you’re working. Keeping your legs active promotes circulation, leaving your body energized. With a wood frame in a black or cherry finish, the LIFEFORM® footrest looks great in any workspace.

Executive Footrest

  • $205.00


Temperature-Sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam

Keep your feet cool and stay focused throughout the day with our LIFE-Foam Memory Foam that provides support to improve your circulation by comfortably adjusting your legs and feet to every angle.

Non-Slip Bean Bag Bottom

The bean bag non-slip bottom of the footrest allows you to continually move your feet and adjust your legs.

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Length: 20″
Width: 13″


Upgrade to Brisa Ultrafabric® or Premium Leather

The aesthetics and durability of Brisa makes it a brilliant leather alternative with incredible quality. Using efficient manufacturing processes, these fabrics are based on the conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions and minimal dependency on natural resources.

And certainly not to be overlooked is the beautiful finish and quality of natural leather, with several grades of premium leather to choose from. If you’re looking for the unique look and texture only real leather can provide, you won’t be disappointed.

Brisa | Odyssey | Tribeca | Brighton | Contarni | Echo | Harness | Providence | Mont Blanc

Temperature-Regulating Technology

Stay cool and focused throughout the day with our ThermaGuard temperature-regulating technology that delivers immediate, measurable, and noticeable cooling results. Our ThermaGuardmaterial absorbs your body heat and then releases it, giving you an ongoing cooling effect. Sitting for long periods of time just got more comfortable.

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