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Every person is unique so a “one size fits all” option shouldn’t really be an option at all. An essential element to providing all-day comfort is our signature molded contoured seat designs reduce seated pressure on the sit bones and soft tissue around the thigh and buttock area which helps to distribute weight more uniformly. Choose the size that best fits your needs.

  • standard

    Standard Seat

    Our signature molded contoured seat designs reduce seated pressure on the sit bones and soft tissue around the thigh and buttock area, which helps to distribute weight more uniformly. Our standard seat. Medium contouring (21”W x 20”D).

  • deep_seat

    Deep Contour Seat

    Our signature molded contoured seat in a wider and deeper seat. Pronounced contouring (24”W x 20”D). More Seat Sizes also available.

    *This will be added to your order. It does not display.

  • coccyx

    Coccyx Rear Seat Cut out

    Relive sciatic pain by eliminating contact pressure on your tailbone, eliminating vertical pressure up the spine. Watch Video

    *Not combinable with Core-flex® seat option.

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  • core_flex

    Core-Flex® Seat

    Sitting in motion helps promote healthy circulation. Core-flex® natural movement stops the unnecessary load of static positions by activating the leg muscles and core. Watch Video

    *Not combinable with Coccyx (rear seat) cut out.

    *This will be added to your order. It does not display.


Carpet casters are designed for use on medium to low-pile carpet.

Soft Wheel

Designed for use on all hard flooring types, including but not limited to; plastic chair mats, wooden, tile and concrete.

LF Wheels

Made with a soft, polyurethane material, move effortlessly on almost any surface - tile and carpet alike, gently on easily-scratched surfaces like hardwood and vinyl.

Polished Aluminum

Offering a modern and contemporary appeal with a silver accent. Base comes standard with chrome hooded carpet casters.


Classic and Traditional. Complete the look with warm natural wood accents in your choice of.

Executive Back Support Cushion

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dial-in lumbar support allows slight bending of the cushion for customized arch
  • Ergonomic design promotes healthy posture while alleviating back pain and discomfort
  • Back Support with Memory Foam and Lumbar support provides unparalleled comfort all day long
  • The backrest is ideal for home, office, travel, wheelchairs, sporting events, camping, school, concerts, or wherever life takes you
  • Adjustable Straps fit most chairs or motor vehicles.
  • Non-slip backing
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
UPHOLSTERY:Brisa (+$75)
Color:Black Onyx

Free Shipping in Canada

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

10 Year Limited Warranty

Perfectly portable. Don’t let less than ideal chair cushioning reduce your productivity and comfort.

Upgrade your office chair – or any seat you have – easily with our portable posture support accessories. Give your body the support it needs, wherever you go. Tailbone issues? Back pain? Difficulty maintaining a good posture? We’ve got you covered with both seat and back support options. With simple, cost-effective solutions that provide important pelvic, leg and lumbar support – in the car, at sporting events, at the cottage.

Vegan & Green

Brisa is one of our most popular fabrics. It features the first premium polycarbonate resin surface with a unique ventilation system that actually breathes. The result of this technological breakthrough is exceptional comfort that becomes a most welcome part of your life. All UltraFabrics are odourless, and allergen-free. These materials assure a sustainable presence, are PVC-free and do not contain POPs, formaldehyde, heavy metals or phthalates.

Dream Weave

Dream Weave patterns are high-performance 4-way stretch knit fabrics that allow extra comfort and movement to enhance the performance of our LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam. There are few to no seams. Dream Weave fabrics produce little to no waste during production. And are made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and are Certified Carbon Neutral.

Memory Foam

The LIFE-Foam™ temperature and pressure-sensitive memory foam reduces pressure and improves circulation, conforming to your body and returning to its original form when not in use.

Removable Coccyx Cut Out

A pre-cut removable tailbone insert can be taken out to alleviate pressure from inflamed or sensitive tailbones and relieve sciatic nerve problems.

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